Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Voulez Vous Crochet Avec Moi

Black scarf: My first knitting project and what my honey got for Valentine's Day- I ripped out a very soft poncho from JCPenney to make it. It's a 2/2 ribbing thing...you know, knit knit purl purl. I got a load of loot from Pier One,a Ravi Shankar cd, and a dozen of the scarlet lovelies. Am I happy? Oh yes.
I also made him a bag to protect his sheet music (he's a classical guitar/music therapy major) and embroidered his initials on it, and bought him all the calorie-laden candy he won't buy for himself.

Corset: I just got invited to a Moulin Rouge costume party-in TEN DAYS. Whether I go or not will depend on whether I can recreate this corset from somewhere in my head or not. It's a knitting pattern, and I think I should stick to that, because of stretch issues. I'm thinking black with red chenille on top in a lacy crochet pattern.

One that note:
Debbie Stoller is my hero!!!! Have you heard? Of course you have. StitchnBitch Crochet is in the works and she's calling for designers to submit....so I packed off everything I had and am checking my email every fifteen minutes.

On a non-yarn note-( rarer and rarer these days) two of my professors have told me I'm destined to teach middle school. Who am I to argue with destiny? I may have to become dependent on caffeine pills to cooperate, however.

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