Thursday, April 20, 2006


I really, really hate copyright. I understand perfectly well that no one wants their original idea to be used for someone else's credit and monetary gain. Stealing someone else's idea for profit is evil.

I don't mind if you make an army of pigs, frogs and whatevers from my patterns, because your work will be going into them. Please don't just sell the patterns themselves, though.

But what I hate is that since we have project-sharing forums like craftster, and sites for selling homemade things like Etsy...everyone gets inspired by everyone else's irresistible ideas. Then someone yells THIEF and the crafting community turns sour.

One person on Craftster did say something that made sense, though: Whenever possible, bring something new into the world. You are a special, unique bundle of experiences and the things you create should be unique to you.

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Mousie, an Owlet and his Tree

I love making toys so much!
I found the owl pattern on this Craftster thread: Did I ever mention that I spend about four hours a day on Craftster? I had a big paper to write the other day, but I kept checking Craftster every few sentences. It's killing my GPA, yet filling my life with joy. I'll keep it. =)

Anyway, this owl is extremely wee-he's only an inch tall. I want to make bigger ones, but I didn't want to waste a bunch of fabric if I muffed the first try. Plus he might go in a diorama.

I freehanded the tree; it's actually made of four trunk pieces, so it's totally 3D. I based it on a picture of a white oak tree in my dad's circa 1950 encyclopedia. Yeah, it totally looks just like it..

Then here's a little mouse. I came up with this pattern myself. It's three teardrop shapes sewn together with a triangle for the bottom. Cute, isn't she? I love her daisy corsage.