Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Truest Friendship

Thank you so much for all the sweet, kind responses about my kitty. You are all dear lovely people. *hug*

I had to post this before I forgot, because it's really funny.

I've had reactions to wool before, hives and stuff, so I thought I'd try tying some Lamb's Pride around my wrist for a few days to see if I got a reaction to it. So I had this piece of pink yarn tied around my wrist, and my boyfriend saw it, and he asked what it was, and I told him I was allergy-testing it. With a totally straight face, he said,

" Oh. I thought maybe your yarn had made you a friendship bracelet, since you two spend so much time together."

Imagine, if you will, your yarn stash coming and standing in a pile in front of you, with a little bracelet perched on top, and a somehow soulful look.

And the funniest part is that it doesn't seem that unlikely, does it?

Oh, dear.

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