Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A Rectangular Thyng

On the Belle Epoque front, although I am not learned enough in the craft to convert it from knit to crochet, I figured that it can be broken down into rectangular panels, which anyone with enough patience can do. Here's my sketch: http://www.geocities.com/thelibrarian18/pattern.jpg

See, there are two bottom panels, one top front, one top back, two shoulders, and two sleeves. The sleeves would be the last part, when everything else was assembled. You would just attach the yarn at the armhole and crochet in a round down, like you would a thumb on a mitten. The neck had me stumped so I asked the Craftster crew, and someone suggested finishing the panels and then crocheting around the neckline to create the scoop effect. If this is confusing, just wait; I haven't tried it yet either. However, my test swatches have turned out too bulky for this project..admittedly I was using worsted weight. I think I may have to break down and invest in some thin fluffy yarn for this. I may try knitting the rectangles, since that's the shape you learn with. Still, if I find a crochet stitch/hook/yarn combo that gives me a light enough material, I'll try that too. Let me know if you come up with anything, or if you have any questions at all. If enough people like this, maybe we could do a crochet-along? Drop me a line at thelibrarian18@yahoo.com if you'd be up for that.


  1. Posted this on the Tag thing at the bottom too:

    Hi! I think your work is a amazing and you should look into this and maybe do it! :) http://www.crochetme.com/submit.html Keep up the great work!

  2. You should know that at Craftster.Org your flying pig is one of the featured crafts on the opening page. How cool are you!