Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Here's Alex with angel wings...


  1. Oh, Alex is so adorable in his angle wings (what a cute idea) and your mom is adorable, too. Love the cute little mouse... as usual, can't wait for the pattern. Sometimes, Shannon I feel as though I'm some sort of pattern junkie and you are my dealer....hmmm very strange indeed. Have a happy happy holiday!!

  2. Your "angel kitty" is adorable!! :) He doesn't look too happy but at least he was calm enough to model for you. :) Happy Holidays!


  3. Poor Alex is too fat to move quickly....I tried getting my own cat, Cricket, to model the wing collar, but she's too slippery. Ally has some kind of thyroid problem, so he's the perfect victim. He also makes the tiny wings ever so much more amusing.